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Noise Surveys

Each employer gas to carry out a noise assessment or noise survey where any employee is likely to be exposed to noise at or above the lower exposure action.

Air Sampling

Approximately 13000 workers in the UK die every year  from inhaling hazardous materials.

Hand Arm Vibration

Power drills, chainsaws, pneumatic drills etc. Too much exposure to hand-arm vibration can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.


How the worker fits into their working environment, the result of which can lead to employees suffering musculoskeletal disorders.

Thermal Environment

Protect your workers from the effects of heat stress.

Legionella Risk

The bacteria can grow in hot and cold water systems, cooling towers, spas and hot tubs.

Lighting Surveys

Where artificial lighting is too dim or too bright, it can have long term effects on employees physical and mental health.